Anne Jovanovic to represent AAOAP on OAC Executive team

Our team member, Anne Jovanovic, has added her name to the Ontario Autism Coalition’s executive team as their Policy Advisor and their Alliance Liaison. This allows the Alliance to have a seat in the room with decision-makers and ensures that we can leverage the power of both our groups to make sure that both the new OAP and the related services our kids access reflect the science of ABA and the needs our kids have. Anne is continuing to work with the Alliance coordinators here in Ottawa on future ABA Boot Camps and other advocacy training and parent-led initiatives. As for now, her name will be at the bottom of the OAC letter asking the Minister to a) stop muzzling the people who know this file best (including us) and b) apologize publicly for the blatant hoodwink that took place this summer. It’s gloves off – again – peeps. Let’s get ready to rumble…


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