A Question of Motives

Growing concerns from a dedicated parent within our community have led to some unfortunate information coming to light.

As many may remember, a few months ago our friends at the Ontario Autism Coalition initiated a petition to have Dr. James Porter added to the Ontario Autism Program Advisory Committee. For many week parents worked endlessly with phone blitz’ to the MCYS, constant “tweeting”, e-mails, and collecting signatures in hopes that the Government would allow Dr. Porter a seat within the committee. To the dismay of many, this was not allowed. With the OAC having only been allotted one seat on the committee, it was said that there were no other option than for Bruce McIntosh, OAC President, to take that seat. Documents released earlier today indicate that was false.

You can see below in an e-mail discussion between Ministry staff dated in early June, obtained by a concerned parent, that the OAC had ample time and opportunity to appoint any one person to represent the community on the advisory committee.


It is unclear how it was decided that the seat be occupied by an unelected representative, and why the OAC would direct the community to petition in early August for Dr. Porter to take the vacancy, when the representative had already been chosen, but we are utterly disappointed to have found this out.

Considering this revelation along with the difficulties we continue to face – including a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as seen below, which the forementioned community representative willingly signed (while NDA’s are already an issue on the Expert Committee) – regarding a matter and during a time where transparency should be essential, much speculation and distrust is stirring about…


to be continued?


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