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Though many of us have children who are immediately effected by the changes, we are well aware that the implications of the new OAP run much deeper. We, too, have discussed concerns over the current NDP petition’s ‘bare minimum’ request of grandfathering children 5 and older, currently on the wait list, into the new OAP, since it began circulating on April 2nd. With the recent voicing of similar concerns felt by many, we have begun circulating a new petition with a much broader request.

I would first like to mention: **This does not replace the NDP petition! We still want you to continue sending in your NDP petitions to Monique Taylor – that is the most likely chance for some sort of immediate change that will prevent the new OAP funding from flowing as planned.** 

Below you will find two documents, the petition itself, followed by a “solutions”, & “money” document for talking point reference, and a “Why Direct Funding?” Infographic. These will also be uploaded into the FILES section. We encourage you to print out copies of the Talking Points sheets to distribute and inform people of the alternative ways the government could cut costs & meet the needs of ALL children, as opposed to the current plan which will leave so many behind. Please print the petition, collect as many signatures as possible!  and MAIL TO the return address at the bottom of the page. Signees MUST be Ontario residents. You do NOT have to be age of majority to sign. Children may sign as well.



Talking Points – Solutions:

Talking Points – Money